Classmate Conversation. Week 2: Andy Bui

Hello Everyone,

So this is the classmate that I met this. I always see him around the Hall of Science, but I never actually got to speak with him. His name is Andy Bui and he is a third year here at CSULB. He is a Biology major and is undecided on what his future career is. He said that he is leaning towards Pharmacy. As of right now, he is currently volunteering over at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Andy loves to go out to eat and enjoys going to Disneyland with his girlfriend. He wanted to share that he realized the importance of getting more involved on campus and taking every opportunity that is handed out. Andy said that if he could go back in time, he would like to get more involved.

This week’s question was “Is art actually important in today’s world?”

Andy stated that art is very important in today’s world. He said that it is a great way to express yourself. Andy said that in certain majors, it is rigorous, and that there is no time for anything else but study. He said that being a Biology major does not allow you to fully express yourself with any other classes. This is the reason behind Andy taking this Art class. He said it wanted a break from all of his other classes and improve his artistic ability. Overall, Andy is excited about building his portfolio and learning various new ways to create art. It has been a pleasure, my new friend.


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