Week 3: Artist Conversation, Andrew Hansen


Artist: Andrew Hansen

Exhibition: Why not?

Media: Oil Painting

Gallery: CSULB, School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery West

Website: None

Instagram: @albabroski


Andrew Hansen is a very unique individual. He loves Alberosie, the raggae artist, however, he is more into a different art. He started off in high school by simply drawing and painting. He also incorporated his ability to sculpt into ceramics. After high school, Andrew went to serve our country with the US NAVY. After the service, he had a hard time going back to school because he had been so used to being told what to do. Now that he is a student in the School of Drawing & Painting at CSULB, he finds so much freedom to do whatever he wants. Andrew stated that he had worked with acrylic painting, however, he had started to learn how to oil paint. He used to work as a tattoo artist, however, he has moved on to become a bouncer in a club in San Diego.

Andrew’s piece of work that had been featured is called “The Bar Scene”. The particular media that was used was oil painting. The work itself is very detailed with lots of different tones. Andrew is utilizing more calm and chill colors to kind of set the ambiance of the actual bar. This is one of the reasons why the individual on the left is purple. Andrew stated that the reason his best friend was colored purple was because the bar actually had a red light and since he wanted a cool ambiance, he mixed it and came out with the deep purple. I believe that the lines of the piece are very intricate as it adds details to each particular item within the painting. An example of this would be the lines and curves on the man’s brown pants on the right side. It shows how much detail that was put in and how vivid this scene is. As a viewer, you can begin to understand why the scene is so vivid for him. The texture of course is not as smooth since it is an oil painting, however, the texture does add life to the painting.

Andrew stated that the motivation behind this was that he wanted to work with something that was familiar with him, and since he had worked as a bouncer at a bar, it was very familiar for him. The work itself is an oil painting with the setting at the bar that he works at in San Diego. He states that he knows everyone that is in the scene. He is the hand checking the Identification Card of his friend. He stated that the purple guy within the scene was actually his best friend. The first thing that came to my mind as a viewer was that everyone in the bar was a male, however, there was one female. This actually caught my attention because dead in the center of the painting was a female. I was able to ask Andrew about the girl in the middle. He stated that it is one of his friends that caught his attention. That’s right. Andrew fancies this girl dead in the center. I believe that Andrew did an amazing job with portraying his feelings for this girl to his audience.

Overall, the first idea that popped into my mind was that the art piece had so much vivid details since it was an oil painting. The second thing that I noticed was that everyone was a guy, but there was actually only one girl. The third that intrigued me was the reason why one of the individuals was actually purple. These ideas allowed for me to approach Andrew to question him about his work. I believe that Andrew did an amazing job with all the details of his work. It really shows as he spent four months on his piece! I believe that Andrew did an amazing job on the placement of everything in the scene. I was drawn to the front of the painting, however, he made the girl the center of attention even though she was in the back. The fact that the piece felt like 3-D to me allowed for me to actually feel like I was in the bar scene looking in. Overall, I felt like I was in the artist’s shoes as the painting is in the point of view of Andrew at the bar.

It was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Andrew Hansen!




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