Week 3: Class Conversations, Kaya Quarles


Hello Everyone!

I had the pleasure to meet Kaya Quarles this week! She is an interesting individual. An interesting fact about her is that she loves to go surfing and kayaking. I thought that this was really cool because what are the odds of meeting someone named Kaya who loves to go Kayaking. Besides that, Kaya is currently a Biology major going into her third year at CSULB. She aspires to become a medical doctor to help those in need. I believe that this is truly admirable of her! One last interesting fact that Kaya and I share is that we both love dogs! She currently has two american bull dogs! I think that this was really interesting because I used to breed American bull dogs in middle school and had an English bull dog in high school!

This week’s question was “What is your favorite form of art and why?” Kaya’s favorite form of art is actually photography. She said that it is a great way to capture the beauty for every moment that your eyes are able to see. It takes creativity to catch a photo. Kaya loves photography because it allows her to look back on the moments that she cherishes. I totally agree with this and I think our favorite artist Drake can too.

Drake once said, “You know life is what we make it and a chance is like a picture, it’d be nice if you just take it.”

With that being said, it was a pleasure getting to know Kaya! Check out her page here.

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