Week 5: Artist Conversation, Ralph Acosta

Artist: Ralph Acosta

Exhibition: An Exhibition in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of Master of Fine Arts

Media: Typography, Videography, Photography

Gallery: CSULB Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ralph.acosta.50

Hello Everyone!

This is the Second Edition of Brian’s Weekly. This week’s featured artist is Ralph Acosta, a graduate student of the CSULB School of Graphic Design. Ralph Acosta attended CSULB around 20 years go with a Bachelor of General Studio Art. He came back and just completed his MFA in Graphic Design. He stated that he grew up in Korea Town (KTown) in Los Angeles, California.


Ralph Acosta was told to pick something that he really liked for his thesis. He wanted to do something with Los Angeles; it was the location of where he was raised. Mr. Acosta wanted to do a complete timeline of his childhood, however, his advisors wanted for him to focus on something more specific. He chose the most memorable thing about Los Angeles for him. LAX.


For his project, he created the film first, then worked on the signage, and finally ended with the app. He stated that the film was created to help people relax in the airport and also create a pleasant/entertaining atmosphere. Mr. Acosta highlighted the fact that creating a font is actually very difficult. With the three different weights of font, you have to calculate the differences. An example of this would be going from the medium to the bold. As for the app, it is just a beta. He is currently in the process of finalizing it, however, the current idea is that you can move from the main menu, choose your airline, flight #, and then you can find information/blueprint of the plane. Lastly, you can find the current location of the plane. This was actually an interesting fact that I discovered.


The medias that were utilized were video, photography, and typography. The video focused on statistics concerning the airport. The photography took a year of research over at the airport. It highlighted the different areas that were from back in the day. The photography looked old school because of the grayscale and amber lighting. In terms of the typography that was shown, the sticker lines were very articulate. Each one placed on the wall was calculated. The “a” that was on the wall was created by a sculptor that used wood.


The media had lots of lines. Each line looked calculated and precise. The whole design of the project was to possibly re-vamp LAX. The font, video, and app would hopefully be incorporated to add a modern feel to the airport. The colors for me were vibrant. Thinking about all my trips to the airport, they usually have me waiting in the terminal. The idea of a video that is playing a bunch of random facts is a very interesting concept to have and I truly believe that it would keep people intrigued. I always thought LAX was modern since I hear everyone saying that it is one of the nicest airports in the country, however, Mr. Acosta highlighted an issue that I can see. Overall, very aesthetically pleasing, and I enjoyed the it!


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