Week 6: Flip Books

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Brian’s weekly activities page. This week we will be working with Flip Books! I believe that flip books are very interesting, however, very hard to construct. I was actually going to draw organic molecules coming together for a reaction, however, I realized I suck at organic chemistry. After that, I thought about working with transcription and translation of DNA, but that is also very hard. I think that the most difficult part about the project itself is the fact that whatever is on the previous page should basically be on the next page. For this week’s art project, I started my flip book with a short person doing a pole vault contest. He was eventually going to use balloons to lift him over the vault. I eventually started over and worked with a boy who was running down a hill from a big spikey ball. He eventually floats into the sky because in reality the ball got him and killed him. Overall, I thought that the project was really fun! I would really like to make another longer flip book maybe when I’m bored in class. We shall see! THE END!

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