Week 7: Artist Conversation, Nathaniel Paderanga

Exhibition Information
Artist: Nathaniel Paderanga
Exhibition: Social
Media: Oil on Canvas
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino
Website: N/A
Instagram: theartofnate_

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to this week’s artist conversation featuring Nathaniel Paderanga. First off, he is one really cool individual. He is of Filipino descent, San Diego born and raised. He is currently pursuing a BFA in Drawing and Painting. This is his last semester as an undergraduate. He currently commutes from Temecula, California Monday through Wednesday. Mr. Paderanga currently drives a 2016 Honda Civic, which he named “Fin”. Aside from that, Mr. Paderanga loves to paint and enjoys playing basketball. Catch him at the Student Recreation & Wellness Center!

On September 30th, 2015, Mr. Paderanga’s mother unfortunately passed away. For his exhibition, Nate decided to portray the events that occurred in his life and also incorporate social issues that he feels strongly about. The artwork originally started off with photographs that were taken and brought to life with a stroke of Nate’s paintbrush. He stated that he would work on 3 art pieces at a time so that way he doesn’t get bored. Overall, the process took a year to complete.

As for the artwork itself, it is very aesthetically pleasing. It is eye-popping with many eye-catching features. Hence, it is the reason why it is my favorite exhibition thus far. The artwork was created with oil on canvas. The reason for the set up because the art pieces work together to write a narrative. The first picture portrays Second Street here in Long Beach, California. It was drawn to show the fun times that Second Street has to offer, however, it highlights the social issue of homelessness. It is something that Nate feels strongly about and we have all seen the number of homeless people rise. The second picture is his photograph of his family hanging out, however, although they are together, they really aren’t. This painting highlights that even though we may be spending time together, we aren’t because we are constantly glued to our phones. The two art pieces were of Nate’s Lolo and Lola. After that, it is my second favorite piece with Nate’s Lolo fishing on the pier. The story behind this was that Nate wanted to depict the story that was portrayed by his Lolo. He stated that we all know that one old man on the pier that fishes by himself all the time. That is his Lolo, and his Lolo has a story that no one ever tries to figure out.  The next painting was actually the very first artwork that I saw from outside the gallery. This one features his mother hanging out in a dark environment. His mother was at the very center of the exhibit, and I thought that this was a perfect way to honor his mother. It was beautifully illustrated. After that, the next artwork featured the mourning of a loss. This was named “Happy Birthday!” and I thought that it was a unique way to turn something as a sad event and turn it into a celebration. After this, it was a painting of a child playing with fireworks. Nate wanted to portray the growing generation and how they interact with us all the time. He wants for us to all remember that we are always inspiring the next generation and we want for them to be successful and have a great foundation as an up-bringing. The last artwork piece was of Nate’s old house. He currently does not reside there, and he depicted it as how he remembered the house before. Clean.

The artwork itself used oil on canvas. The color scheme is not consistent since it uses a lot of blending to depict shadows and how natural lines in life blend together. I believe that the usage of color was vibrant and made it seem like it was the present. Lines are not all straight, a little rugged, but it made it seem almost natural. Overall, I really enjoyed Nate’s Exhibition, Social. I wish him the best and to always push forward!

The Fisherman
Karen S. Paderanga
Happy Birthday!
Pass It On
The white house, second from the corner
2nd Street and Corona


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