Week 8: Classmate Conversation, Amanda Martinez

Hello Everyone!

This week I met Amanda Martinez! She loves working out, especially hiking and doing some yoga. Other than that, she enjoys netflix, cooking, knitting, drawing, and painting. She is a 5th year here at CSULB studying Environmental Science. She is very involved on campus. Right now, she is currently the ASI Secretary for Sustainability, researching Wetlands, andshe is serving as the CNSM Student Council Vice President. This week, we choose to do the applications that we have on our first page of our phones. I have listed them below

Same Apps

  1. clock
  2. calendar
  3. spotify
  4. instagram
  5. snapchat
  6. chase
  7. flappy bird
  8. Gmail
  9. CSULB
  10. Netflix
  11. Lyft

Different Apps

  • Twitter
  • Clash of Clans
  • Crossy Road
  • Soundcloud
  • QR Reader
  • Google Drive
  • Vine
  • Find my iphone
  • Amazon
  • Uber
  • Venmo
  • youtube
  • groupme
  • skype
  • pinterest
  • yelp
  • veggie grill
  • happy cow
  • gallery
  • calculator
  • voice recorder
  • default verizon apps
  • flashlight
  • step counter

The other question that we chose to do was if we would support our child if they pursued an art career. Her answer was yes. She said that as long as it makes them happy. They may have to work harder and the child has to understand that. She said that there is always a way. I totally agreed with this. I want my child to find something they are passionate about, and stay passionate. IMG_2760.JPG

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