Week 8: Sketches at the CSULB Japanese Garden

Hello Everyone!

This week the class went over to the Japanese Garden. It is actually my first time at the garden, even though I’m going into my third year here at CSULB. It is truly a beautiful garden compared to Cal Poly Pomona’s Japanese Garden. Besides that, the week had been really stressful for me with so many science mid terms. I really enjoyed being at the garden because it was so scenic and peaceful. I enjoyed just sitting by the pond and sketching on the rocks. If you look below, my first sketch was not that great. I figured out that the messier I draw it, the better it looks. I hope you agree from my second sketch! The contour drawing was interesting. At first, I wasn’t too sure as how to start or where I was supposed to look. Once Andy explained it to me, I was able to come up with something, however, it truly is unfortunate that I can’t draw well. I tried to combine my representations together so that it would look nice, and I tried my best, however, the rocks took me forever to complete. I struggled with the abstract because I think abstractly so I just sat there and didn’t know where to begin. Overall, I enjoyed this activity and would love doing so in the future.

Contour Drawing of my Hand
Representation with an abstract
10: 30 second sketches
Contour Drawing of THE GARDEN
First Sketch
Second Sketch

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  1. Glenn Zucman says:

    Great Brian!! 😀


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