Week 9: Care Package,

To the brother that I once knew.

I’m not too sure where you are nowadays. I’m supposed to send this out, but I’ll leave it at our old house and maybe one day you’ll perhaps run into it.. literally and figuratively of course.

These are just some items that I would like to give to you.

Lets start off by talking about you and move towards us.

The first is a photograph of you and your first love, Leslie, at prom. You always spent your life talking about her. You would pick me up from school and take me everywhere with her. When your heart was broken, mine was also. Nonetheless, you showed me the value of a relationship and just overall provided tips for me to not get hurt. You always looked out for me even though I never wanted to hear it.

The next item is the photograph of you, Carol, and Melissa. This is the party that we threw for you when you graduated with two bachelor’s. One of proudest moments for Ma & Pa. I rarely saw you smile over the past few years. Sometimes it’s just nice to look at this picture and see you happy.

After this, I wanted to give you the Tacos on Point Catering Company Card. It’s a reminder of how successful the Sath brothers can be when we put our minds and pour our hearts into something. We built it from the ground up. We made mistakes, we learned, we laughed, and we made so many memories. I know that you started the company because you felt trapped. We turned walls into doors of opportunities and I thank you for that. 

Next, I have my “The Hundreds” sticker. I got this when I was in 8th grade when I bought my first shirt after you let me borrow your shirt. You opened your closet to me because our family was poor and you wanted me to look cool in school. I’ll never forget how you got me into streetwear and helped guide me through middle school and through high school.

The item that I have after this is actually the black notebook. I found this notebook in one of my drawers. I didn’t even know I had this. It’s your notebook where you wrote your deepest thoughts. I hope that you can use this once more. I hope you learn to deal with your emotions and write your heart out.

Down to the last two items to give to you. It’s the laptop that you got me for my 19th birthday. I know that you didn’t have a lot of money. You still went out of your way to buy me this for my birthday because you knew I needed a laptop for college. I cried because I know that you gave up a few meals for months to save up. I’ll never tell you this because you taught me to be strong. If only you knew that I would never forget this gift that you got me for me. You went above and beyond to support my college endeavor to become a doctor.

The last item I have to give you to you is a photograph of me from the trip to Lake Tahoe. I want you to always remember me. You helped raise me to become to the person I am today. You believed in me when literally no one else did. You taught me to have a big heart and be selfless. You reminded me to be strong for everyone around me. I promise I’ll make it for you. I hope one day we can can cross paths again so that I can show you how far I’ve come along. You’ve turned this little nerdy kid into a well-mannered gentleman.

I hope one day that you can understand that I always had your back.

Yours Truly,


Brian Sath

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  1. Glenn Zucman says:

    beautiful piece Brian


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