Week 10: Fiber Art Network

This week’s class was a tad bit hectic for me. The classroom changed and it threw me off. I ran around the whole campus to try and find FO4-267. This was extremely frustrating, however, I was one of the early birds to find the room. This was astonishing as I was about 15 minutes late! Once I was able to staple my face to the wall, I connected to the few people that I met in the class, however, I wasn’t able to see the final result as I left. I hope people connected to me!


In terms of my own art network, it came out messy. At first I struggled to name all the people that I see and communicate with everyone everyday. I have my close friends from high school that all went to CSULB at one point, friends that I met in science classes, friends that I met at social gatherings, and friends from ASI. I decided to put all the people that communicate with more on a daily basis.


I thought that the hardest part was placing all the names because I didn’t want to forget anyone from a particular group. I then realized that this was the easier task. The harder task was actually connecting all the circles. Most of the people on my list seemed to know everyone. That meant that my lines would be going all over the place.

Overall, I thought it was a fun activity to see the people I interact with on a piece of paper.


  1. I definitely believe that the “Social Network” applies to my physical friends that I interact with most often. I do not believe that the online & mobile tools connecting me to other people in cyberspace count as MY “Social Network”.
  2. I definitely agree that Dunbar’s Number makes sense to me. I believe that even 150 truly meaningful relationships is a lot to have. There are so many aspects that you have to consider within a friendship. It takes  a lot of investments. Emotional, time, and much more.
  3. I believe that the 1,000 or 2,000 or 5,000 Facebook “friends” doesn’t mean much. They are people that you met along the way towards the future. I definitely think it is interesting to see how far someone has come along through Facebook.
  4. When the Social Network was being created, I was very surprised. I was surprised to see that the social network can be strongly influenced by those around you. My closest friends seemed to connect to a lot of people on my lis.
  5. I believe that my personal number would be 20-30. This seems like a good amount of people to be connected with. If I’m ever bored and need someone to call up, I will definitely have someone to be there for me.
  6. I have more “friends” on Facebook. These relationships have not really brought me more opportunities. It’s more a way to see how people are doing and what they are doing with their lives.



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