Week 11: Artist Conversation: Kyle Kruse

Artist: Kyle Kruse

Exhibition: Janus Maxim

Media: fiber, print, film, woodblock

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

Website: kylekruseart.com

Instagram: kyle.kruse

Hello Everyone!

This week I got the chance to choose Kyle Kruse’s exhibition. He is currently a 23 year old Senior here at CSULB in the School of Arts Printmaking Program. Kyle was born in the Northern California and has never stayed in the same city for over a year. Fortunately, Kyle was able to stay in Long Beach for 6 years now. He plans to move to the New York or the UK and pursue an MFA. Kyle stated that his exhibit, Janus Maxim, took 10 months to create, however, he had to do a lot of research beforehand. Overall, Kyle stated that his artwork was a simple idea of having his artwork emit the same emotion/feelings for every person that turned into something more complex.

Kyle Kruse used three sets of film, woodblock carvings, and sculptures to present Greco-Roman teaching myths within his art work. The myths were originally from the Prometheus, Sisyphus, and Janus. His artwork was to explain the void as we take in the emotion of his exhibit. When I spoke to Kyle Kruse about his artwork, he asked the question of “How do you interpret what you don’t understand?” This was the representation of the void that he was trying to explain to us. He talked about the horse-masking references and Egyptian mythology. He highlighted that every culture has a certain symbol and his interest is finding the symbol. Kyle feels as if he has disconnected from society as it has changed the true meaning of being human. He feels frustrated to not feel connection and now he is searching for whatever it means. Kyle highlighted the fact that he used sensory sculptures for his artwork so that he could evoke the correct emotion. He started with tapestry, then the film, and the sculptures. Then he added the dirt to the ground to further enhance the experience. Kyle stated that he could not explain what senses or emotions that we are supposed to feel because in the end we interpret it in our own way. He wanted for his exhibit to evoke a certain feeling. A feeling that all basic humans can understand.

My experience with the exhibit was interesting. When I first entered the exhibit, I stepped on something and heard a crack. I thought that I had broken a part of the exhibit. Then I continued to walk through and the I thought that the symbols were an interesting representation, however, the art pieces with their symbols in the back were very well balanced. I definitely put time into watching each of the 3 videos that were being played. Overall, I could not understand the full emotion that was being emitted by the exhibit, however, I started to understand the void more and more. img_2913img_2918


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