Week 11: Classmate Conversation, Andrew Nguyen

Hello Everyone!

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Nguyen. He is currently a senior here at CSULB as a Health Science Major. He is pursuing a health professional career as a Physician’s Assistant. We were both able to get along and I learned a lot about him and the PA career. It is definitely interesting to hear about his perspective of getting into the health professional career. I have been contemplating becoming a Physician or a Physician’s Assistant for the last two years. I always find it interesting to see why each person chooses one or the other. Along with that, Andrew is a foodie. He loves going out to eat and trying new foods.

This week’s classmate conversation was about fan art and the situation with Miss Demi Levato. Andrew stated that fan art should be not be limited. Miss Demi Levato overreacted because she is a celebrity and she chose to be on the platform of media. We agreed that there should be no limitations as you cannot copyright a portrait of someone. I personally felt like the artist should have a say since it is a representation of them, however, everyone is entitled to their opinion. When Andrew said that Demi Levato chose to be on the platform of media, that’s when I decided to change my mind. It was eye-opening as I did not see it that way before.



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