Week 13: Classmate Conversation, Aleah Lomeli

Hello Everyone!

This week I had the pleasure of getting to know Aleah Lomeli. She is currently in her first year at CSULB studying Social Work. The reason why she wanted to pursue Social Work is because her father is a social worker. Besides that, she loves to watch netflix and cheerlead. Her favorite foods are pasta and wings. Her favorite subject is Psychology and her favorite movie is Hardball. Something we both share is that we are both in love with Grey’s Anatomy.

If Aleah had to choose what she wanted for Christmas, it would be clothes! SURPRISE!! I have a love for clothes too, but it adds up quick. Surprisingly, Aleah loves to eat ham and not turkey. When asked to choose a word that represents her the most, it would OCD.

On to the question of the week! Red pill or blue pill? Aleah said that she would go BLUE PILL. The reason behind this is because she doesn’t want to feel trapped. I totally agree that taking blue pill would be the way to go. Ignorance is a bliss, right?


IMG_3036 copy.jpg


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